Superintendents Challenge #2

Thank you for sharing with your students the first Superintendent's Distance Learning Family Challenge....time for #2



My first challenge really took off with us receiving dozens of incredible entries. I will be announcing our winners later this week, but let's get on to this week's Challenge.


This week, I am going to provide two options for this week's challenge. Students and their families may choose to complete either one. Remember, the only real rules are that you follow the submission requirements (time or number of item limits) and that the student be in the submission in some way.  Remember that all submissions are judged by grade level, so you are only competing with people in your same grade. Have fun!


  1. Create a family band and play a song. You can make instruments out of household items or you can use any actual instruments you have at home. I am looking for creativity and fun. There needs to be at least two performers, with at least one being the student.  Submit up to  a one minute performance recorded with a phone or video camera.
  1. Put on your chef's hat and teach us how to cook!  Have your parents teach you how to create something delicious in your kitchen. Maybe it's your favorite cookie or dessert. Maybe it's a family

           favorite breakfast burrito or sandwich.  Once you have learned how to do it, teach us. 


          Submit a demonstration video (1.5 minute max), pictures, or descriptive drawings (or a combination of the 3). 

          Be safe and make sure your parents are helping. Anyone can be in the video as long as the student is featured.


This information is also posted at our Facebook page at EL CENTRO ESD.


Use this Google Form to submit your project. A Google Account is REQUIRED to submit a project.